Contradash Interview + Exclusive Playlist

The latest artist on the rise is none other than Contradash! At just 22 years old, the young star is ambitious enough to bend genres, and blend sounds for a unique soundscape. It even caught the attention of Dominic Fike, and eventually, Interscope Records.

Bold and brave, Contradash has a slick delivery paired with an unmatched coolness. For his latest release, “cat out the bag”, Contradash talks to CTRL about the song, his style, and everything else in between. He also curates a playlist exclusively for CTRL that can be streamed below.

What was the concept behind your latest single “cat out the bag”?

The concept was about someone I knew that I was involved with. We had a lot of mutual friends and we had kept it under wraps for no real reason other than keeping a secret. It was kinda cool. It was more about respecting privacy than keeping a secret which is super dope.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want people to feel the way I feel when I listen to ’09 New Boyz and old Gaga. I really do. The way Soulja Boy made my whole generation feel in 2010. I really just live in 7th grade. That year was odd for me cause I moved school and stuff. Every time you move schools mid year, the year kinda gets taken from you. All the nostalgic memories come from music instead of events. So I wanna fill the gaps. I also have no idea what I’m talking about. But the feeling I’m describing is the closest I’ve felt to love.


The name contradash was inspired by Night Lovell’s song “Contraband”. How exactly did it inspire you? Or did you just really love the song?


Yea I definitely thought of this name naked as fuck. That's the only way to do anything to be honest. I just heard the song and thought I’d use it for my WWE theme song one day, but then I realized I was a musician so I had to make do. Song still goes crazy.


Who were the artists that you grew up listening to? How did they influence you as an artist today?


I grew up listening to New Boyz, Kesha, Soulja Boy, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Bieber, pretty much whatever was on YouTube and the VH1 Top 20 Countdown. I guess I accidentally already answered this in the 2nd question. But they really trigger the deepest level of nostalgia for me, which has been the fuel to my entire creative fuel tank.


You’ve managed to mix so many different styles that it’s difficult to classify you. Is it your goal to defy the labeling of genre? How would you describe your sound?

Thank you so much! Na man, its just the music I love making. I grew up listening to different stuff, so it's only natural I make stuff I listened to. I don’t really have goals of defying anything other than the prison system. Free my brother Barkley. I’d describe my sound as 2010 forever.

Judging by your recent releases, there’s a sense of unpredictability with what’s to come next. Have you figured out what’s next?

I usually figure out what’s next literally 3 weeks before we drop, so your guess is as good as mine. I’m not good at delivering decisions, I’ve noticed. But I’ll probably deliver like 6 new songs by the time the year is over. I appreciate your guys' time doing this stuff. Means a lot.

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