Gromo Exclusive Playlist + Q&A

Bending genres, and blending sounds, Gromo is the ultimate rule breaker. Proving there’s no limits to the endless possibilities when it comes to music, NYC-based artist Gromo is crafting a style that strives in individuality. 

With a signature style that is embedded in the culture of New York, Gromo uniquely explores the depths of hip-hop and dance music all into one. Hustling his way into becoming an artist to watch, he has continuously strived in making a name for himself early on in his career as he worked from the NYC nightlife into becoming the youngest act to ever play Ultra Music Festival.


Expanding his sound, Gromo is experimenting once again. This time, he has a slew of singles ready to be released this fall. For his latest release “Wake Up”, Gromo curates a playlist that inspired the single and answers a couple questions exclusively for CTRL:

Whats was the inspiration behind “Wake Up”? 

The inspiration behind “Wake up” stems from having a great time with friends and enjoying those special moments we share with each other. In this day and age, time is precious. With this track I hope to remind people there is no time to waste. We have to enjoy the now. 

How does “Wake Up” differentiate from your previous releases?

I tried to incorporate more earthy sounds and textures that are tucked in the back of the main sounds. I love taking water/fire samples, or people talking, or city traffic for example and have it as the backdrop of my music. I look at the music as the visual scenes of a movie and the lyrics are the movie’s script.

New York plays a major role in your work. How does New York influence your music?

NYC is what I eat, sleep, and breath. I love the griminess of the city, I love that it's not perfect. It’s the imperfections that inspire me. Recently there has been a new wave of creative inspiration I see in Soho, St. Marks, and on the lower east side. So many creative artists and fashion designers are emerging since covid- this time of creativity is what is inspiring me the most these days. I have hope that New York is going to thrive in the next few years from all the creativity coming from covid. I sense the gritty artistry coming back in the near future and I cannot wait to be apart of it.  

What makes the sounds of NYC so special to you?

Hip Hop. Hip Hop was born from these streets that I walk everyday. It’s that edge the city provides that enables us as creators to go in and make our best work. That's why I am proud to be from NYC.

If you could collaborate with any artist from New York, past or present, who would it be?

Prodigy from Mobb Deep. RIP the legend. His way with words and storytelling is incredible. I would have too loved to see what a collaboration together would have brought.

Is it challenging for you to continuously tackle different sounds and styles and keeping it fresh?

Honestly, I never think about keeping it fresh, new, current. I realized the more you care about trying to fit in, the less you are going enjoy what you do. My attitude now is not thinking and just do what I love. So many artists right now are focusing on playlisting, attracting influencers, blowing up on Tik Tok and such. For me, I want to make what I love and just focus on creating what I wanna hear. If other people like it, cool. I just want to enjoy what I do. You are going to be hearing some crazy stuff next year. I am really looking to create my own wave.

How would you describe your style as an artist for the casual listener?

It’s hard to describe my sound because it changes every year. If you asked me in 2010 I would have said I am a death metal guitarist, in 2012, I would have said I make Dubstep, 2015 I would tell you I make Bass house, 2016 I would say Indie rock, 2018 I would have said trap, it keeps evolving. I make everything, period. I think today as artists it’s important to take inspiration from everything and not be one dimensional. Look beyond our medium of music and see what we can take from other artists creations from art/fashion/design/photography. I’m inspired by everything- so I don’t wanna put a label on my work. What I can say is that in my work you can hear all my influences from metal, funk, jazz, electronic music, and hip hop. I take everything and make it my own.

Exclusive playlist:

This playlist consists of the music I love listening to in my free-time. Ultimately, what drives and inspires me most to create original music”


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