MTV VMAs 2019: Front Row Experience

In its glory days, the MTV Video Music Awards was the music event of the summer. Back when MTV still cared about music videos and visually captivating performances, the event was where stars were born, and was a can’t miss spectacle that had everyone talking. Late August, and early September is typically the time when the excitement of the summer begins to wind down, but for the kids growing up on MTV, and were genuine music fans, that time of the season felt like the Super Bowl for music. 

Year after year, memorable moments such as Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift, or Kanye West premiering ‘Runaway’, or Kanye West announcing his presidency, pretty much any Kanye West moment at the show, is constantly referenced, to prove that the show still interests viewers and that award shows still matter. So, in a year for music that wasn’t as excited as it could’ve been, the energy dwelled down onto this years VMAs.

But, CTRL had the honored of attending the event and it was a lively experience. Continue reading for a first hand review of the show:

Right before the show began, the audience erupts as they notice the celebrities walk to their seats and greet one another, while stage prompters are instructing fans on how to properly cheer, and appear excited just in case the camera shifts the focus onto their section. 

The experience from the pit is much greater than you’d expect, pit fans aren’t allowed to use their phones, so the energy made every performance even better. The first awkward moment of the show was Marc Jacobs giving his acceptance speech for Fashion Trailblazer who had just 30 seconds, without a formal introduction, that was aired on TV like 2 hours after. From the pit area you notice performance props, dancers, and artists preparing behind the stage, such as the large inflatable buttocks used for Lizzo’s performance, who generated a very loud reaction. Lil Nas X had the best visual effects, but the crowd was disappointed when finding out he wasn’t performing Old Town Road. Then appears Missy Elliot’s dancers who begin to rise above the stage and preparing to do some acrobatic stunts, as Missy in the inflatable suit from the Supa Dupa Fly music video appears across another section of the stage. Missy’s performance had the arena shaking, one of the greatest live experiences ever. Miley Cyrus then performs, and was a breather for fans who didn’t really care, to make matters worse Taylor Swift wins Video of the Year, to the confusion of the audience, who started a light Kanye chant that didn’t get picked up.

During commercial break Rosalia appears in a black cape standing in front of the middle of the stage, as she awkwardly waits for a good 7 minuets before her performance started, which the biggest disappointment of the night was her and J Balvin both performing, and neither performed Con Altura.  Big Sean and A$AP Ferg probably made the biggest mistake premiering their song before the show, because at the point the crowd was dead, and both performers appeared to be disappointed, storming off stage because of the lack of energy from the crowd. In another awkward moment of the show; Bad Bunny was being assisted during his performance by a team member guiding him directions, due to the fact that he was constantly unable to walk without assistance. Prior to the closing number, Queen Latifah made a grand entrance that wasn’t aired, but the overall performance gave everyone a dose of energy, especially once Fetty Wap performed Trap Queen. 

The majority of experience was just that, noticing what goes behind the scenes, as it’s just as hectic as you'd expect. Theres celebrities everywhere, mangers, stage producers etc, all over the place, and despite how overwhelming it got, it was exciting to notice from a fans perspective. Attending the show instead of viewing it at home was a surreal moment. Greatest takeaway from the event, is that pop music is killing award shows, as Missy, Queen Latifah/Redman/Fetty Wap, Rosalia & Bad Bunny/J Balvin had the most lively performances, despite what you’d expect. Would I do it again? Hell yeah! It's something everyone should experience at least once, if possible. 

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