A Message on Lebanon and How You Can Help

On August 4th, 2020, a massive explosion rippled throughout Beirut, Lebanon. The Lebanese capital was torn apart in seconds, causing widespread damage , and claiming many victims while injuring thousands of others.

In an instant, the graphic footage of the explosion found its way online allowing the entire world to become aware of the disaster and provide a devastating look into a country that is on the verge of falling apart. 



With 78 people pronounced dead, and nearly over 7,000 people known to be injured, it’s a heartbreaking story that shook the world. The disaster in particularly hits home for CTRL, as its owner and operator is from Beirut, Lebanon.

While the disaster that rocked Lebanon today is devastating, it’s just one of the horrific incidents that the country has been facing this year. The country of Lebanon has been suffering the most severe economic crisis in modern history, with it being on the verge of collapsing all together. Unemployment is soaring, hunger is spreading, and poverty is increasing.

If you are looking to help, consider donating (if you can), or share these links below to help raise awareness:

Help Lebanon Carrd

Red Cross Lebanon

Impact Lebanon Disaster Relief

Lebanese Food Bank

Beirut Non-Profit Organization

Embrace Lifeline (Mental Health Call Center)

Donate Directly to CTRL:




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