ANTi, Rihanna's Greatest Accomplishment

On this day in music, Rihanna released her best album to date, ‘ANTi’. Stabilizing with a career since 2005, it wasn’t until a decade later that Rihanna fully cultivated her true potential. Hit-after-hit, Rihanna has a collection of work that is so timeless but yet not quite challenging, but with ‘ANTi’, it marked the departure from Rihanna as the hit maker to Rihanna the artist, the transition that arrived at the height of her career.

Introducing the world of ‘ANTI’, album opener ‘Consideration’, is a bold introduction to a honest tale as told by the revived songstress. Era after era, Rihanna constantly tries to attach an image of herself to the audience by consistently reinventing, but with ‘ANTI’, Rihanna invited us to an artistic exposure in which she unraveled the superstar through deep layers of trip-hop, moody R&B, hypnotic pop, trap influence, and island fusion for a record that nobody expected. ‘ANTi’ is a cohesive body of work, in which every song is a personal reflection of the evolving artistic identities of Rihanna

Testing the waters just a year before release with throwaway tracks, ‘FourFiveSeconds’, ‘BBHMM’, and ‘American Oxygen’, Rihanna allowed the industry to prepare before she gave the big f*ck you to all expectations. So, on this day we celebrate Rihanna, and her magnum opus that is ‘ANTI’, the album that shifted all perspectives of who Rihanna really is. 

The defining voice of pop music solidified herself beyond the hits. 

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