Travis Scott Conquered The World With 'ASTROWORLD'

Travis Scott’s freak-show is a thrilling adventure that welcomes you into his world of rage. Curating a world of horror, psychedelia, and religion, ASTROWORLD is just as you imagined, an all over the place journey, that planted the seeds for world domination. Prior to release Scott proclaimed his presence as a rapper will be his most evident, and though with a variety of features, his voice remained the main attraction.
Exploring the depths of his artistry, and as a father, Travis Scott’s arrival to ASTROWORLD, works as his final destination into a reinvention. A departure to the man with little to no substance with his previous releases but now requires the responsibility to reflect on the realization of what comes with maturity. But just like the experience of a amusement park, the album is exactly that, it’s exciting in the sense of expecting a thrilling ride, but yet receiving the unexpected. "Stargazing", sets the tone with the unexpected beat switch, that becomes prominent on "Sicko Mode" which is carried by Drake’s best musical moment of 2018.
Travis Scott displays vulnerability on "R.I.P Screw", a haunting aura on "5%", and a panicking funk outcry on "Astrothunder", the album is spooky with spine tingling production. Meanwhile on the albums finest moments, "Skeletons" and "Stop Trying To Be God", we witness Travis Scott’s most fluid vocals, it’s clear realization to the fact that La Flame lived up to his ambitions (and both songs feature hip-hop’s reigning "indie" favorites James Blake & Kevin Parker).

But, like every rollercoaster ride that seems to be on a constant loop, things woozy. Upon the latter half of the experience, Travis Scott seems to feel exhausted, much like spending an entire day at the amusement park. "Who? What?" and "Houstonfornication" sound like generic trap tracks at first, but become more and more crucial once the energy picks up. While "Coffee Bean" revives the experience, with thought provoking insights into his relationship and the effects of it.
Seven years into the game, Travis Scott is prominent in becoming hip-hop’s brightest rockstar. With his raging ambitions, he raises the bar, despite the fact that the influences were obvious, and the ideas were all over the place. "Astroworld" marks the final destination to Travis Scott’s search for hoping to be the artist he thought he was, and actually becoming it. Stimulating an hypnotic desire throughout the album, the listening experience is a front row ticket into chaotic extravaganza that can’t be missed.

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