‘Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight’ — Travis Scott’s Overlooked Golden Child

Sadistically embedded into the dark roots of Houston trap, Travis Scott cultivated a mystic aura of a rage filled rockstar. Capturing the qualities of a star, Scott’s potential has been sought out through stylistic aesthetics that vowed loyalty from fans. Cult classics Days Before Rodeo and Rodeo explored ambition through a tale of a wild-wild west, while ASTROWORLD was a thrilling adventure of a new superstar. But, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight was the overshadowed release that is arguably his most quintessential
Balancing his signature sound, the album at its finest is traps grandest melodramatic moment. Sonically the world envisioned on the album is captured by Trav’s ability to tap into the role of a maestro, allowing the beat selection and the features to surrender to his vision. Precisely utilizing auto-tune and synths, the production is a lustrous soundscape of haunting-hollowed out sounds, and turning the unconventional, into conventional. Though the main criticism is that Travis is really rapping about nothing, it isn’t required for him to do so, as he’s aware of his intuition, and embellishes the project with head-scratching lyrics that are vivid, and his cadence allows them to be memorable.
With an extensive 13 features, each provide a component to fill a void that Travis left unfilled, as he welcomes the supporting cast with open arms. Scott commands the presence, pulling the best out of each feature, reassuring they’re commanding to the master. From Kid Cudi’s woozy build up on “Through The Late Night”, to Kendrick Lamar’s eccentric verse on “Goosebumps”, each guest star played a supporting role, and nailed it.
Travis Scott defines the album title as a “social connection trap from what you want to do and how you want to express yourself...everyone gets constricted”, provides introspect to the album. On paper is it Travis Scott’s best album? Not quite, but it is the project the rapper wanted to make. Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight is Scott stepping out of his comfort zone, and wanting listeners to do the same.
The album is a polished puzzling piece of art that is rampant on self awareness. The grandiose of Travis Scott’s career is his ability to revive the elements of classic trap and turning them extravagant.

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