Chance The Rapper Peaked With Acid Rap

Vividly describing summer nights in Chicago, ‘Acid Rap’ is a tale to youth experimentation on the fondest memories of the summertime. In the realm of Chicago influences, Chance the Rapper picked up the styles of Kanye West, and curated an unhinged gospel-induced influenced mixtape. Balancing his charismatic personality over a conceptual in-depth perspective on gun violence, the effects of growing up in Chicago, and relying on faith, Chance is unfiltered yet making such heavy weighting themes sound cool. Ahead of the curve with being the activism-artist that has become apparent in the soundscape of hip-hop, Chance is the happiest man in rap despite all the pressure that raises genuine concern on his survival.
‘Acid Rap’ is an introspect to the truth to how something so misrepresented could be so game-changing, and as you listen to the tape, it is reassuring, and you’re welcomed into the actuality of the effects of living in Chicago, and somehow it’s relatable, while being informative, making you wonder, a lot like LSD. As the perfect introduction to Chance The Rapper, ‘Acid Rap’ is the greatest achievement for the artist, who might’ve peaked on a mixtape. For Chicago, the project was a homecoming for city representation that wasn’t as represented since ‘Late Registration’. For hip-hop, it was the coolest yet informative mixtape that appealed to balance of demographics. Say what you want to say, Chance the Rapper may be corny, but the dude is just happy, what’s wrong with that?

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