Coachella: Beyoncé Solidifies Her Status As One Of The Greats

At one point in time, the rarity to witness such greats such as Michael Jackson, and Prince live in the flesh was a life changing experience. The aspects of a great live performance had gone rather under appreciated, something that has become taken for granted. Though we have our living greats such as Kanye West, one of the greatest living entertainer is a female.
Over the years, becoming a polarizing figure through statements embodied through her visuals, Beyoncé has defined the importance of a what it means to be a performer. Last night Beyoncé overcame the odds of the expectation she has set for herself by topping it yet again. Stylized as her homecoming, the comeback performance that fans have been anticipating, has held the superstar into a league of her own. Breezing through her extensive list of hits, Beyoncé reinvented the traditional aspects of her signature anthems through marching bands and step shows, an ode to college culture. As ambitious as it was political, the songstress was bold and empowered, reassuring that everyone in attendance, and those viewing on the livestream, witnessed the capabilities of a force to be reckoned with. 
One of the greatest Coachella sets of all time, Beychella was the best by a female, and set new standards for the future headliners.

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