Revisiting Tame Impala's 'Currents' and The Breakthrough Influence of Kevin Parker

Pushing the envelope for psychedelic rock, Tame Impala’s first introduction to the scene, Innerspeaker and its follow up, Lonerism, borrowed from influences of the sounds of the previous decades, predominately the 60s and 70s, while modernizing the sound along the way. But for many, their grand arrival to Tame Impala was Currents, the album that’s stirred away from the generalized perception of indie-rock, and into a realm of pure synth-pop heaven.
Sculpted upon the attraction of change, Kevin Parker analyzes the acceptance of the shift in perspective, as he explores the path to evolving. Crafted upon some of the finest musical moments, the album shines brightest as being pure ear candy.
As the pulses connect with Parker’s constant buildup, predominantly on "The Moment", each track builds off on a whirlwind to reassure that yes, he’s changing. Coming to terms with life’s changes ("Yes I’m Changing"), Parker defines the postmodern reality of exactly that, through subtle distortion ("Let It Happen"), bass-induced sounds and peaceful rhythms ("Nangs" and "Eventually"), synth riffs ("The Less I Know The Better"), the groove ("Cause I’m A Man") and the anticipation of a climatic ending ("New Person, Same Old Mistakes").
Despite departing from the psychedelic sounds of his previous work, ‘Currents’ allows listeners to travel into Kevin Parker’s world of psychedelia, the journey of experiencing life’s currents. As Parker sings about the mellowness of love, the music alternates through nostalgia and paranoia, a realization of the gravity of the waves of feelings, and reality in motion.
Despite stirring away from the normalized perceived Tame Impala sound, thee album was the introduction to the masses, as it plastered Kevin’s influence onto genres across the industry, most notably by Rihanna, Beck, Travis Scott, Lady Gaga, Kali Uchis, and Kanye West.
Becoming an essential, Currents, is the ultimate ethereal escape to synth-psychedelia.  

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