DAMN, Kendrick Lamar

Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? On a tale of many theories, Kendrick Lamar exposes his anxieties, and comes face-to-face with his insecurities. But in reverse, listeners are introduced to Kung Fu Kenny, the unapologetic Kendrick. Reflecting on the purpose of his craft, Kdot questions if his art is lost in the corrupted state of reality, and rather or not it has defeated him. Life is a gamble, and as listeners we travel to Kendrick’s state of mind, and ultimately, we decide if he lives or dies, by how you play the album. Conceptually just as complex as his previous releases, but much more commercial, ‘DAMN’ is an explosive, chanting, rebellion to the perceptions of the aura of Kendrick Lamar. Held as the saving grace of a new era in hip-hop, the trail and error of the album examines the pressure to how Kendrick lives up to the expectations, and criticizes himself through his own hypocrisies, to reassure you that he isn’t God, and he knows that. Through a hypnotic-like repetition of lyrics, and dark-ere beats, Kendrick is getting his message across, and how you decide to interpret it, is solely your choice .

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