Every High Profile Song Kevin Parker Has Been Involved In Since Currents: Ranked

Despite departing from the psychedelic rock sounds of his previous work, Kevin Parker with Currents allowed listeners to travel into Parker's alternate world of psychedelia, experiencing the journey of life's currents. Preparing for the release of Tame Impala's forthcoming album, The Slow Rush, the 2015 LP ushered a new era in the music industry, the Kevin Parker psychedelic invasion. On the 2015 album, Parker sings about the tenderness of love, as the music alternates through nostalgia and paranoia, a realization of the gravity of the waves of feelings and reality in motion. 
Considered as a polarizing release for indie rock fans for Kevin Parker's pop approach, Currents was the blueprint for the producer to impact the industry like no other producer has. The album was Tame Impala and Kevin Parker's introduction to the masses, as it plastered Kevin's influence onto various of genres and artists. Ranging from the likes of Kali Uchis to Kanye West, here's every single song Kevin Parker has been involved in since the release of Currents, ranked:
10.) Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion (September, 2016)


Pop music’s chameleon, Lady Gaga is a woman of many talents. Whatever the songstress has up her sleeves is always different than anything she’s done before, and that was the case when she released, Perfect Illusion. Enlisting a mega team consisted of the likes of Bloodpop, Mark Ronson, and Kevin Parker, the concept of the song seemed too ambitious for the pop star, and fell flat with an arrangement that just didn’t suit her the best. Kevin’s involvement is masked, and it’s clear with his demo he recorded that it had more potential.

9.) A$AP Rocky - Sundress (October, 2018)

Kevin Parker’s impact on the hip-hop scene started to unravel in the year of 2018. Despite an arrange of collaborations, Parker found himself in the passenger seat, as A$AP Rocky sampled the 2010, Innerspeaker cut, Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind? on Sundress. One of A$AP Rocky’s most interesting tracks to date, the song proved he’s not a one trick pony. Though Parker’s involvement is limited on the song, the pair showcased just how great a potential song between the two could be with their live performance at Coachella. Since it's just a sample, it's ranked low, but it's one of CTRL's favorite A$AP Rocky songs.

8.) Theophilus London - Only You (October, 2018)

What a tune! Reimagining Steve Monite’s 1984 single, Only You, the duo known as ‘Theo Impala’ put their spin on the boogie hit, with a modern twist. Pretty much just a cover, it’s simply just that, a cover. Might as well just listen to the original, but this is oh so groovy. 


7.) Mark Ronson and Camila Cabello - Find U Again (May, 2019)

Notably known for producing classics such as Amy Winehouse's, Back To Black, as well as the biggest song of the decade (according to Billboard), Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson finds himself stirring the wheel in a crash collision with great collaborators. As an ode to 80's and 90's pop, Ronson's latest effort, Late Night Feelings, is as you expected, great pop music. On an album filled with standout hits, the Camila Cabello assisted, Find U Again is an instant earworm. With a melody produced and co-written by Kevin Parker, it demonstrates the quality of every pop classic that came before it, and while it was a hit that got away, the song showcases the dynamic of Mark Ronson & Kevin Parker.  


6.) ZHU - My Life (March, 2018)

The electrifying abilities of ZHU is his mysterious ways to constantly reinvent the fist-pumping edm formula. As a psychedelic outcry to the dance floor, ZHU butting heads with Kevin Parker pushed the limit of any expectations. With a hypnotic repeat of the simplistic lyrics, “let me live my life”, the song is a spacious bouncing hit. Getting too repetitive at times, there was more both artists could’ve done to propel the song even further. 


5.) Kanye West - Violent Crimes (June, 2018)

Proclaiming being completely starstruck when first meeting Kanye West, Tame Impala told Billboard that contributing to Kanye’s seventh studio album, YE, was a complete saga. Originally intended for Ghost Town, Kevin’s involvement gets lost in the shuffle on Violent Crimes. With a soaring, emotional, overwhelming chorus that flashes life right before your eyes, Violent Crimes gets weighed down by Kanye’s somewhat awkward flow. Kevin Parker’s actual involvement still seems to be a mystery, but here’s hoping we get more work from these two epic artists. 


4.) Theophilus London - Whiplash (January, 2019)

Originally surfacing back in 2016, the song didn’t get officially released until 2018. Arguably ahead of the time with the Kevin Parker touch, Theophilus is more confident than ever with the groovy number. Braggadocios with a hint of a subtle funk, the song was much like most of the list, an unexpected pairing, that simply worked. An alternative hip hop crossover, blending 80's instrumental with modern rap.  


3.) Kali Uchis - Tomorrow (April, 2018)

Directing a self documented tale focusing on making it in the industry on the phenomenal debut album, Isolation, Kali Uchis showcases the range of her inspirations on a cohesive yet diverse collection of songs. In particular, Tomorrow, the Kevin Parker produced album cut, is a true sweet escape of psychedelia. Captivating listeners with a an arrangement that is atmospheric, Kali and Kevin Parker is a match made in musical heaven.


2.) Miguel - Waves (Tame Impala Remix) - (February, 2016)

Three years ago, Miguel decided to remix Waves, the standout hit from the genius album, Wildheart. The strategy in doing so? Well, Miguel sought out a diverse list of artists across genres to produce the Rogue Waves EP, including the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Travis Scott, RAC, Joshua Tree, and no other than Kevin Parker. Extending on the psychedelic escape of the song, the Tame Impala remix provides an alternate experience, with a funk that is expectedly infectious. 


1.) Travis Scott - Skeletons (August, 2018)

Fusing a collection of sounds that are obviously effective, Travis Scott sights out his inspirations and utilizes them to formulate and execute his vision. A piece of atmosphere that is oh so vibrant, the dream team consisted of Scott, Kevin Parker, The Weeknd, and Pharrell Williams, is still insane to think about, and something that only La Flame can pull off. A splash of influences that blends genres to produce a highlight on Travis Scott’s career defining album, Astroworld. Everything Kevin Parker touches turns into gold.

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