Funk Wav Bounces: The Soundtrack To Every Summer

Completely departing his previous *mainstream*  sound, Calvin Harris incorporated the funk into EDM, in which was a major risk that ultimately paid off. Back in 2017, Calvin’s artistry witnessed a rebirth, as he abandoned from the rave music he’s been associated with since 2011 and approached a sound that’s the complete opposite. Calvin executed the ability to curate such simplistic production in the most fresh-modernized way, that still sounds better than it did two years ago when it was released.

Achieving the ability to curate a cohesive theme throughout the project, Harris stylized it and avoided repetition. It’s a light, refreshing and exciting soundtrack to summer, a triumphant presentation to Calvin’s versatility. Shimmering upon layer’s of the seasons delight, it’s bouncing and bubbling (Cash Out), laidback and breezy (Heatstroke), effortless and hypnotic (Rollin’), while providing the dose of euphoria (Slide). As adventurous as it is ambitious, the album is an exciting arrangement of instrumentation, and a roster so good, that we somehow took for granted. Painting the aesthetics of palm trees and high-tides, Funk Wav is an escapism, a vacation that you’ll never want to end. 

Necessary for regular rotation, Funk Wav is a rarity, in which every track had potential to be a hit. Just as the sunrises and the sunsets, the project seemingly flows into various sounds, a treat to whatever the season awaits. 

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