Gucci Mane’s ‘The Return of East Atlanta Santa’ Is The Perfect Christmas Album To Listen To All Year Long

In 2016, Gucci Mane made his return to the scene after he being released from prison earlier that year. Culturally, he didn’t go anywhere, but in music, it always felt there was something missing.

Losing 75 pounds and the emergence of a new lifestyle, Gucci Mane was an entirely new person and ambitious to this new chapter in his life. The new Gucci was personified through his music, a less grittier, less obnoxious, and less mumbled Gucci Mane. He released three projects in 2016, and the best and still relevant to this day, was December’s ‘The Return of East Atlanta Santa’.

Filled with joy and playfulness, the album paints a holiday hood classic, that reimagines the reality of those cringy-Christmas movies. Unconventional, it works to the fact that no one, and absolutely no one, can attempt to rework or cover any of these new modern originals. In an age where countless of artists cover past Christmas classics, today’s stars aren’t capable of putting their twist to any of the songs of ‘The Return of East Atlanta Santa’, as Gucci stamps his joyous personality across the project.

The holiday cheers extends and doesn’t end! At 12-tracks, ‘The Return of East Atlanta Santa’ is the best attempt at Christmas-themed music by a rapper, even if at times, it’s not Christmasy at all. Capable of being on rotation throughout the year, the album prioritizes the importance of having fun  with whatever that is you’re doing in life. Gucci has his eyes sight on business, but he’s enjoying the work along the way.

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