The James Blake Production Essentials

For James Blake his safe space was finding comfort in his isolation. Years spent locked away in a state of melancholy created a vision for a unique sounding style that match gentle-warmth vocal delivery through elements of electronica. Arriving in the 2010s, James came and conquered the industry.


Quickly achieving widespread attention as a critic darling, and indie-fan favorite, Blake was well-renowned in a short period of time. With each release marked a new transition into the depths of his sound, style, and creativity. While each project marked the piece to his melancholic puzzle, they helped transition him into unleashing his full potential.
From the depths of unknown, to becoming hip-hop and R&B’s favorite across-the-bond musician, James Blake sought out his destiny and became one of the most notable names to work with in the industry. From the likes of Bon Iver and Frank Ocean to Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar, James Blake assisted on some of the most important projects of the last decade.
Here’s a timeline of some of his best work for other artists. Note, this list is not entirely all of his production credits but whether the essentials of his production discography. 
2020: Slowthai — “Feel Away” (featuring James Blake and Mount Kimbie) — Composer and lyricist.
2020: Flatbush Zombies — “Afterlife” — Producer
2019: Bon Iver — “iMi” — Composer 

2018: Travis Scott — “Stop Trying To Be God” — Composer and lyricist
2018: Oneohtrix Point Never — “Still Stuff That Doesn’t Happen”

2018: Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar — “King’s Dead” — Composer and lyricist
2017: Jay Z — “Adnis” — Composer
2017: Kendrick Lamar — “Element” — Composer and lyricist
2016: Frank Ocean — “Solo” — Composer and lyricist 
2016: Frank Ocean — “Godspeed” — Composer and lyricist 
2016: Vince Staples — “War Ready” — Composer and lyricist 
2016: Beyoncé — “Pray You Catch Me” — Composer and lyricist

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