Kanye West's 'New Body' Currently Going Viral Proves It Was The Hit That Got Away

In the Summer of 2019, a newly surfaced Kanye West and Nicki Minaj collaboration quickly caught the attention of fans of both respective artists. Also featuring Ty Dolla $ign the song “New Body” was then revealed to be intended for the original tracklist of the much-anticipated release of YANDHI. The album YANDHI, which was teased to be a sequel to the game-changing album YEEZUS, had a year filled of anticipation but was unfortunately scrapped as Kanye reinvented himself and shifted into a completely different route. As YANDHI never saw the light of the day, much of the hidden gems of the project still hasn’t been heard by the general public, one in particular though was a hit that got away. 

After being teased on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “New Body” seemed to be the single that was going to help launch the new era. But Kanye then changed plans at the very last minute. As the rapper announced Jesus is King many fans questioned how the song was going to fit in with the intended concept of the project as the song in itself is the ultimate sin. With lyrics that hint at a raunchy subject matter, Kanye had the vision of reworking the song into a gospel song, and he did. After fans noted the song wasn’t played during Jesus is King listening parties, it was revealed that the release of the project was held back due to Nicki re-writing her verse.

The updated version which surfaced features no cursing and focused on a new-found connection with celebrating a woman’s body rather than the original version focuses on body-shaming and promoting sexual intercourse. Once the final tracklist to the album was revealed "New Body" didn’t make the cut and that was when things went wrong. The song recently resurfaced once again, this time thanks to social media. On TikTok the song has captured millions of views in various shared videos, meanwhile tweets referencing the song has gone viral on Twitter. With the surge of songs charting due in part to the capabilities of TikTok and Twitter, this gives potential to breathe a new life into any missed opportunities. Songs such as "Old Town Road", "Toosie Slide", and "Say So" owe their success to the power of going viral, but "New Body" stands out like a sore thumb as it was never officially released.

As Kanye West has denounced secular music, the song was the hit that both he and Nicki needed. With a whimsical flow and delivery that is reminiscent to the beloved songs of his past discography, Kanye sounds effortless and at ease with the production. Meanwhile Nicki Minaj offers a memorable verse that is easily quotable for her fanbase as proven with the viral posts. Both rappers provide a fun approach to their music that hasn’t really been shown with their recent releases and it’s something both sides of the hip-hop world can appreciate. With a hook courtesy of Ty Dolla $ign, the song is easily accessible and an instant ear worm. Unfortunately, “New Body” hasn’t or probably never will see the light of the day. 

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