Long Live Festival Season: 10 Festival Sets That Every Music Fan Must See

This year’s festival season was shaping up to be one for the books! With a list of headliners ranging across from Rage Against The Machine to My Chemical Romance to Missy Elliot, it was going to be an unforgettable run of performances. Unfortunately, as the 2020 festival season had suddenly been cancelled, fans are still dazed and confused as to when will live shows ever return. Even though there’s still hope with some festivals being postponed or rescheduled, there’s still signs of worry.

But the cancellation hasn’t stopped artists to give fans what they want to see. Over the past few months, at-home performances have become the new norm, and live streams have become the new stages. Despite the raw and stripped back approach to these performances, they’re still not up to par with seeing a live show in all of its glory. So, from the comfort from your own home, sit back and relax and revisit some of the greatest festival sets of all time. From performances at Coachella to Glastonbury with artists by OutKast to Radiohead, these sets are the ultimate quarantine viewing party. It might just satisfy your festival cravings. 

Daft Punk - Coachella, 2006

Revolutionizing dance music since the 1990s, electronica duo Daft Punk have redefined and popularized the French house movement. One of the pivotal moments of their career was when they headlined Coachella fourteen years ago. Ever since then, the performance has been regarded as one of the best headlining sets in the history of the festival.

OutKast – Hangout Festival, 2014

Closing out the sold-out festival, OutKast stunned with an electrifying performance. With a dynamic energy, the duo performed a slew of classics which included “Ms. Jackson”, “B.O.B”, “Rosa Parks”, among others.

Radiohead – Bonnaroo, 2006

During quarantine, Radiohead have provided fans with archival concert footage from the past. Jonny Greenwood called one performance in particular the “best festival experience [he’s] ever had in America”. That performance is their set at Bonnaroo in 2006.

Swedish House Mafia – Ultra Music Festival, 2013 

At the time, Swedish House Mafia called it quits. For the ultimate sendoff, the group capped it all off with a spectacular performance at Ultra Music Festival. The ultimate celebratory moment that you have to see to believe.

Amy Winehouse – Glastonbury, 2007

Notable for the moment when she punched a fan, Amy Winehouse’s set at Glastonbury is truly unforgettable. The memorable set maybe iconic for the wrong reasons, but for all the right reasons it was a show stopping performance. With her soulful vocals, Amy serenaded the crowd with her elusive collection of hits.

Kanye West – Made In America, 2014 

For over an hour, Kanye West commanded the Made In America stage like no other act has been capable of. Cruising through hits from every era, Kanye had the audience in the palm of his hands with full command. Donning the infamous Martin Margiela Mask, this set was yet another must see Kanye West performance.

Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac – Coachella, 2012 

The most memorable Coachella moment that is still talked about today is the Tupac hologram that sent chills through the bodies of every music fan. In 2012, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg headlined the Coachella festival and nailed it with their extensive collection of west coast hits. 


Gorillaz – Glastonbury, 2010

To kick off the 2010s, Gorillaz demanded the Glastonbury stage with an important performance that changed the landscape of the festival. A unique, rare and otherworldly performance, this set truly revitalized the significance of the band in mainstream music.


Prince – Coachella, 2008 

The only clip you’ll ever see of Prince’s performance at Coachella is his cover of the Radiohead classic, “Creep”. With a killer guitar solo, Prince annihilates the stage and fully commands with an effortless stage presence. Radiohead fought to keep this performance alive, so be grateful.


Frank Ocean – FYF Fest and Panorama, 2017

Remember when Frank Ocean provided fans with a live performance? Hard to believe isn’t it? But it happened. Relieve two of the most rarest performances ever. 

Update: Click here for Frank Ocean's Panorama Set

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