Majid Jordan Deserve More Credit

The immaculate duo, Majid Jordan, have been consistently delivering timeless sounds, while remaining ahead of the curve. In an era of R&B where plenty artists fail to stand out, the duo are in a lane of their own, as they’ve identified their sound and stuck with it. Inspired by the dominant soundscapes of the 80’s & 90’s, both Majid Maskati and Jordan Ullman, modernized the traditional approach, in the smoothest way possible. Layered upon Majid’s soulful vocals, along with Jordan’s god-like synthesized production, the music that the duo makes illustrates their versatility, providing groovy ear worms that reimagines the R&B listening experience

Claiming that the duo is underrated is an understatement, as the potential is clear, but they have yet to receive the perfect opportunity to execute it. Despite their big breakthrough on the 2013 smash hit, ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, they’ve remained under the radar, failing to expand beyond the OVO core-base.
The impact since ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’, has been apparent in pop radio, in particularly on Ariana Grande & The Weeknd’s ‘Love Me Harder’, Nick Jonas ‘Jealous’, as well as on songs by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Jason Derulo. Borrowing the thumping bass-synth beat pattern that has become familiarized with their Drake collaboration, Majid Jordan have showcased exactly what they’re capable of, and for casual listeners, they’ve been accustomed to just a glimpse of what the duo has in store.

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