My Dear Melancholy,

Abel’s return to his roots has been something that’s been anticipated since his pop route, while for the fans that became fans from his pop route, the EP was another side to become familiarized with. Though for his standards, ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’, and ‘STARBOY’ weren’t on par with his previous releases, mainly due to the album length which has been an issue to avoid fillers, but the EP was The Weeknd stirring into the right direction
Keeping it straight to the point, My Dear Melancholy is Abel approaching his heartbreak while reminiscing through the pain that caused it. Having no necessity to pick and chose which songs are standouts and which songs should’ve been cut, this EP focuses on cohesiveness and abandons the focus of trying to cater to the same audience he’s been trying to do so with his last two releases (prior to this). As each song flows within one another, listeners step into The Weeknd’s realm with no desire to escape, but are we focusing on the songs substance, or have we been in dire desire for Abel to return to his roots that we ignore the fact that’s not what’s great about the EP? What’s actually worth while about this EP is the fact that The Weeknd progressed a sound that has been familiarized with him but also has the elements from his last two albums while avoiding making this release just to prove that “he still got it”
Distinguishing this EP from his previous releases, includes the nostalgic effect but also keeping it as a subtle transition into his next reinvention. Through the simplicity, and the heart aching-somewhat lazy-but-effective songwriting, the EP serves as a cleanser through the rollercoaster sounds from the boy that escaped the House of Balloons to entering Madness and becoming STARBOY. What’s next is his best to come

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