Porter Robinson Returns With The Euphoric 'Nurture'

It's been seven years since Porter Robinson graced fans with a full-length body of work. The 2014 debut album, 'Worlds', was a glimpse into Porter's world. One that defined the perspective of emotional depth within an alternative dimension of dance music.

Fans of EDM were introduced to Porter by his heavy drum-and-bass fueled electronic music, but for the musician, he was worn out by the generic formula that became oversaturated way too quickly. Instead, he shifted the expectations for a nostalgia-fueled synth-pop expedition. Now, seven years later, he reimagines the scene once more and creates an alternate reality soundtracked by the new release, 'Nurture'.

Finding beauty in distortion, 'Nurture' is a chaotic adventure into his headspace. Robinson revealed he struggled with depression which distracted him from making compelling music. With the new album, he finds an escape and he welcomes listeners into his imaginary universe that prioritizes a rebirth and each track pieces the puzzle.

"Look At The Sky" is a cinematic power ballad, that is also the most raw sounding on the album. Robinson utilizes the effects of distortion and high-pitched vocals in which he calls “corruption and artificiality”. Such techniques provides layers to the darkness that is masked behind the euphoria that the sound exudes. "Get Your Wish" and "Something Comforting" provide the dose of serotonin that you can expect from the synth-heavy, and dreamy escape that Porter Robinson's music can make you feel.

The spiraling energy is scattered throughout the album, but the sudden rush mirrors the emotions of battling anxiety and depression. Porter Robinson doesn't need to feel satisfied, but sometimes it's worth living in the moment.


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