Revisiting Mac Miller’s “Self Care” Two Years Later

Mac Miller released “Self Care” as the lead single to his album Swimming on July 13, 2018. Two years later, and it has become his most important song in his career.

The song is an adventure into Mac Miller’s world, that captures every precise detail into his headspace. A haunting accurate journey into the afterworld, the song is Mac’s vision into oblivion that was entirely too eerie. Lyrically simple, the song is mysteriously layered upon complex techniques that Mac utilizes to convey a message that was a twisted introduction into his vulnerable narrative that was Swimming

A moody instrumental, a substance abused like delivery, detailed storytelling that leads up to a beat switch that welcomes Mac’s arrival to oblivion, the song can be interpreted in many ways, but one things for sure it was one of Mac Miller’s most ambitious records.  

No other artist could’ve, or would’ve, evoked the emotion and the actuality of the tale of events the song displays than Mac Miller, as it is the zeitgeist of his career. A sign of the times, and a uplifting anthem that provides a message that every listener needs to hear.

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