Six Years of Travis Scott's 'Days Before Rodeo'

It’s been six years since Travis Scott further expanded his career with the mixtape Days Before Rodeo.

As a steppingstone for what was to come next, Travis Scott on Days Before Rodeo was honing his sound in that established the blueprint for future releases. Despite not being the introduction project, as he released Owl Pharaoh just a year before, Days Before felt like it, a front and focus project that goes straight to the point. 

As Travis surrenders himself to auto-tune, Travis dissolves into gritty-trap heaven, matched with a psychedelic escape. Wearing his influences on his sleeve, Scott prioritizes the styles of those came before him, but reconstructs them to reassure that he was “up next”. 

Songs such as  “Drugs You Should Try”,  “Don’t Play”,  “Mamacita”, “Quintana PT2”  among others, showcase Travis Scott’s ability to tap into a creative escape where he mimics the alternating emotions that the songs are supposed to make you feel. Despite the critiques of the mixtape being “generic trap-rap”, and his rapping abilities seem to be less prioritized, it isn’t intended to be a straight-forward rap release, but rather a project that showcases the shift in the transitional climate of hip-hop, and for Travis Scott to build a cult following, that five years later, propelled him into superstardom.

Scott’s greatest achievement on Days Before Rodeo was being able to command his sound, at an early stage of his career, while experimenting with unusual norms of the genre (who would’ve thought The 1975 would collaborate with a trap-rap artist?), but yet maintaining a passion for the arts that listeners can feel.

Days Before Rodeo was evidence that Travis Scott was destined to be the next sensation that he sought out to be.

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