Tame Impala: The Slow Rush Singles, Ranked and Reviewed

Making their highly anticipated return to the scene with the full body of work, The Slow Rush in just a month away, Tame Impala have kept the anticipation alive, releasing a slew of singles. Since premiering Patience last March, a song unfortunately not making the final tracklist, Kevin Parker has penned, recorded, and shared singles that blast fans to the past, but also into the future. Curating a disco-infused, synth-pop house influenced record was always a dream of Parker, and now it's coming to life. Through the bouncy grooves of Borderline, to the outer body two part experience of Posthumous Forgiveness, here's all four singles of The Slow Rush era ranked and reviewed. 
4.) It Might Be Time
The bittersweet rude awakening of realizing you're just not as young as you'd used to be, Kevin Parker reminds listeners to snap into reality and to face your worst fear, time itself. Defined through thumping drums, It Might Be Time is the safest choice of a Tame Impala single in 2020, blending the appreciation of the past, but also restricting itself from fully evolving into being something totally different. 
3.) Lost In Yesterday 
Reflecting on time, and the concept of the past, Kevin Parker devours the bad memories, and turns them into dust. Revolving around the central theme of living in the present, while not dwelling on yesterday, the song is a fresh, revitalized, and more accessible synth-pop retro but modernized anthem. Kevin modestly sings, ”if it haunts you, face it”, through a punch-in-the-face groove, that entices listeners, it’s consciousness yet infectious. Lost In Yesterday vividly paints a portrait of the concept of The Slow Rush, underlining examining its purpose in just four minuets. 
2.) Posthumous Forgiveness
Slowly but surely building up to the climatic anticipation that fans have been waiting for, Kevin Parker nails a grand slam with the third single off of the latest record. Stirring into a more accessible yet generally forward in sound with the previous and current singles, Kevin provides an ode to the fan-favorite formula of his previous song concepts on Posthumous Forgiveness. Hypnotic through a sonic density that is intensifying and thrilling on the first half, yet emotionally lyric driven on the second half, the song is a rollercoaster ride of feelings. 
1.) Borderline

The major appeal when it comes to Tame Impala, is the fact that Kevin Parker manages to ditch the standardized format (verse-chrous-verse-chorus-bridge, etc) and you can somehow, expect the unexpected. Well, ‘Borderline’, is the complete opposite. As a total ear worm on its own, the song doesn’t necessarily need the classic Impala touch, but rather serves as another groovy tune that defines the soundscape of the new era perfectly. 


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