The Avalanches ‘We Will Always Love You’ | Shortcut Album Review


Australian electronic duo, The Avalanches, return with their third studio album, ‘We Will Always Love You’. For an ultimate escapism, the duo tackle a precise sonic realm that is tightened to a certain level of craft for their most natural sounding release.

Less reliant on samples and more focused on themselves, the duo are revived, and shed more light onto their vision. Beginning the album with the Blood Orange assisted “We Will Always Love You”, the song is an absolute comforting anthem, that is also for this time of the year. The song is an organic, raw, and sweet escape that sets the tone for the entire album.

Continuing with the uplifting energy, MGMT and Johnny Marr join the party on “The Divine Chord”. It’s light, bright, and hits all the right spots. One of the album’s finest moments comes with “Interstellar Love”, that finds Leon Bridges shimmer with a subtle EDM-synth pop production. Then comes the two-pack of “Oh The Sunn” and “We Go On”, that finds the duo just having fun.

Then comes the climatic moment of the album that finds Jamie xx and Neneh Cherry that enter the voyage on “Wherever You Go”. An epic, and ethereal blast off into an alternated reality of expecting the unexpected. Right after this moment, the scenes for the next highlight reel comes with fast-paced production, somber realization, and returning back to the arms of hope.

In an overwhelming year, this album is the perfect soundtrack to sum everything up. Keeping hope in your dreaming, and finding sanity amidst the madness, The Avalanches reassure there’s light at the end of the tunnel. ‘We Will Always Love You’ is a grand moment to end this year in music, much like when the big apple drops at midnight on New Years, this album is a beacon of hope and new beginnings.

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