The Best of: Same Name, Different Songs

A title is what defines a song. Finding the perfect title summarizes the entire concept of the artist’s purpose of what they’re trying to convey. At times it can be personal, other times it’s generic, but the end goal is to stand out from the crowd. With only 26 letters in the alphabet, and with a game of Scrabble, the possibilities of creating a signature song title is endless, but it’s a challenging accomplishment. Time and time again it's been proven that history repeats itself, when you think it hasn’t been done before, it has.

In music the typical subject matter stems from experiences that artists and consumers can relate to. Whether it be about falling in love, and the complicated aspects of a relationship, or going through a breakup, and dealing with a mental health issue, or even just a wild night out, artists create anthems that are timeless, and help curate the soundtrack to our lives. The commonality of such topics typically shares one element that wasn’t intended, which is their title. Therefore, let’s look back at history…Here’s a list of songs across genres and artists of songs that share the same title, but are completely different: 

“All My Friends:

LCD Soundsystem (2009)

Snakehips featuring Tinashe, and Chance The Rapper (2015)



The XX (2012)

Chance The Rapper (2015)


“Come Thru”

Drake (2013)

Summer Walker (2019)



Radiohead (1992)

TLC (1994)



Alicia Keys (2001)

Harry Styles (2019)



Chris Brown (2007)

Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem (2009)



Kanye West (2009)

The Weeknd (2019)


“How Deep Is Your Love”

Bee Gees (1997)

Calvin Harris & Disciples (2015)



Jeremy Zucker (2015)

Eden (2018)


“In My Room”

The Beach Boys (1967)

Frank Ocean (2019)



The Notorious B.I.G (1993)

Doja Cat feat. Tyga (2019)



MGMT (2005)

Childish Gambino (2011)



The Beatles (1963)

Pink Floyd (1973)


“My Way”

Fetty Wap (2015)

Calvin Harris (2016)



The Weeknd (2011)

Travis Scott (2016)



Vampire Weekend (2010)

Joji (2020)


“Say My Name”

Destiny’s Child (1999)

Odesza feat. Zyra (2014)



Justin Timberlake (2002)

Vince Staples (2015)



Zayn (2016)

Harry Styles (2019)


“Someone Like You”

Adele (2011)

Mac Miller (2013)



Rex Orange County (2017)

Vampire Weekend (2019)


“Take It or Leave It”

The Strokes (2001)

Cage The Elephant (2013)



Lorde (2013)

Brockhampton (2017)


“Thinkin Bout You”

Frank Ocean (2012)

Ariana Grande (2016)



Miguel (2015)

Kanye West (2016)



A$AP Ferg (2013)

Rihanna feat. Drake (2016)



Kevin Abstract (2016)

Rich Brian (2019)

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