The Greatest Wrestlemania Musical Moments

For over three decades, Wrestlemania has become the grandest stage of them all. Annually, the event is one of the most buzzed about of the year. It’s what every wrestling fan anticipates, and every pop culture enthusiast should anticipate. Since its kickoff back in 1985, Wrestlemania has become an iconic showcase of the who’s who in professional wrestling, and in entertainment.

Much like the Super Bowl, every Wrestlemania wouldn’t be complete without at least one musical moment. From vocalists such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin gracing the stage with performances of America The Beautiful, to sets of Kid Rock and Pitbull in the middle of the show, you never know what to expect. As fans are preparing for the most unique Wrestlemania of all time, let’s take a trip back to memory lane for the greatest Wrestlemania musical moments of all time.


Wrestlemania 36 and 37 The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights the official theme song for Wrestlemania 36

The Weeknd’s “Save Your Tears” the official theme song for Wrestlemania 37

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the first Wrestlemania of the new decade was the most unique. Without any doubt a lively crowd makes or breaks any wrestling event, and on the Super Bowl of pro wrestling, this years spectacle will be the first without any fans. This not only sabotages the ticket buyers, wrestlers, and the chairman Vince McMahon himself, but also The Weeknd. Arguably the best song choice for the official theme song, Blinding Lights the smash hit by Abel Tesfaye was curated to be a stadium anthem. Imagine the epic performance The Weeknd would’ve delivered on the grandest stage of them all with over 100K in attendance? Oh, the possibilities are endless…

Wrestlemania 35: John Cena returns as the Dr. of Thuganomics

Back in 2002, John Cena made his debut in WWE with a rap gimmick and alter ego Dr. Thuganomics. Releasing a slew of albums, reaching the #1 spot on iTunes, and even charting on Billboard, John Cena and the gimmick became a cultural phenomenon.  When WWE transitioned into the Ruthless Aggression era and Cena became the face of the company during the PG era, the gimmick suddenly disappeared for over ten years. Reintroducing the beloved character, Dr. Thuganomics made his much anticipated comeback at Wrestlemania 35 for an unforgettable mania' moment. 

Wrestlemania 32: Snoop Dogg raps Sasha Banks to the ring 

It’s not a Wrestlemania without the most elaborate, over the top entrances. Just a night after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame’s celebrity wing, rap legend Snoop Dogg did what he does best and that is rapping. Minuets before the match of the night for the new and improved Women’s Championship which saw the Legit Bo$$ Sasha Banks compete against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair (winner) in a triple threat match, Snoop escorted his cousin Sasha to the ring with an exclusive performance that’s still talked about to this day. Though she might’ve came up short for the title, Sasha Banks walked away with one of the most iconic Wrestlemania entrances of all time.

Wrestlemania X8: Saliva performs Superstar and Turn The Tables

Pro-wrestling and rock n’ roll go hand and hand. For years and years, every WWE event was catered by a rock anthem, and tons of the superstars relying on such hits to be their official theme song. One band that has a loyal relationship with the company is Saliva. A year prior from their performance at Wrestlemania X8, the band’s Click Click Boom was used as the theme song for the 2001 event No Way Out. Invited to perform at the grandest stage of them all, the band scored a knockout performance of Superstar, and Turn The Tables for the legendary tag team, The Dudley Boyz.


Wrestlemania XXIX: Living Colour plays Cult of Personalty for CM Punk’s entrance

Since his departure from the squared circle in 2014, CM Punk has established a cult like following that haunts the WWE to this day. From Monday Night RAW to Friday Night Smackdown to monthly PPV’s you can’t escape from hearing intense “CM PUNK” chants. Fans attachment to the polarizing wrestler was built upon the excitement he brought to each storyline and match, and years later fans are still on the edge of their seats in hopes of a return. The cutting edge persona was just a fragment of his hardcore abilities, but one of the key attributes to any gimmick is the entrance music that makes it all believable. Since the early days of competing in the indies, CM Punk utilized Living Colour’s punk rock classic, Cult of Personality. The band themselves joined CM Punk right before his match against The Undertaker (who was still undefeated at Wrestlemania at that time).


Wrestlemania 5: Run DMC perform The Wrestlemania Rap

In its early days the now then WWF had the crucial responsibility of establishing the credibility of Wrestlemania. Over thirty years later and all of the glitz and glamour that the grandest stage of them all has now become, wouldn’t be possible with the A-Listers that have built the foundation of it. Thirty one years again, Run DMC performed The Wrestlemania Rap. For the first rap-wrestling crossover, the performance paved the way for artists of the genre to showcase an admiration for WWE.

Wrestlemania 11: Salt ’n’ Pepa perform Whatta Man

Six years later from the now infamous Wrestlemania Rap, hip-hop made yet another appearance at Wrestlemania. Rap’s finest girl group, Salt ’n’ Peppa came together for a show stopping performance of their hit, Whatta Man.


Wrestlemania 2000: Ice T performs Pimpin Ain’t Easy

One of the most controversial but memorable gimmicks in the WWE is The Godfather. Escorted by his “ho’s”, The Godfather had all eyes on hm, making women envious, while making men aspiring to be just like him. For Wrestlemania 2000, the WWE celebrated the new millennium with Ice T performing Pimpin Ain’t Easy during The Godfather’s Entrance.


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