The Greatness Of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Summarized


Nine years ago, Kanye West redefined the music industry and set the blueprint for the cultural shift that has transcended the soundscape of modern music. The release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy arrived at a critical time, not only for Kanye but for hip-hop itself. The concept behind the release was executed to visualize the experience of embracing the egotistical impact arisen from being the most influential, while acknowledging becoming the Hollywood villain. Isolating himself, the idea of the album came into fruition as Kanye stepped outside of reality, and into his nightmares and fantasies that are beautiful, yet twisted to the point that Kanye became that monster that he or no one thought he’d become. 


To the soaring opening choir, to the chilling closing marching chants, the arrangement of a epic musical extravaganza was perfectly orchestrated to provide connectivity throughout the transitions of the album.  Incorporating hip-hop,  electronic, rock n’ roll, and soul, West blended genres & styles to create his most consistent and evolving work to date. Demonstrating musical diversity through utilizing an extensive list of guest collaborators that range from Elton John to Kid Cudi to Bon Iver, the features complimented the outstanding production while maintaining the direction of the album, yet allowing each collaborator to shine while remaining the focus on Kanye.


Sonically the musical elements and the aesthetic of dark imagery & lyricism, embrace the album acknowledging twisted desires, blinding from the lights that don’t shine, the blessings and curse of falling in love, while being lost in search of the American Dream. Resonating with audiences, ‘MBDTF’ touches on how life is sculpted on false hope/conflicted emotions, Kanye painting a portrayal of an artist who’s witnessed his influence being plastered all over the place, yet not as appreciated as he deserves to be.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a Picasso like celebration of modern music that has redefined the experience of appreciating the arts. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy defines Kanye as an artist, and it is possibly, the best album of all time. 


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