The Impact of Random Access Memories

Revisiting one of the greatest albums of the last decade, Random Access Memories.

At the peak of the EDM craze, the return of Daft Punk was surrounded by the afterthought of what direction the electronica duo will tap into next. The mysterious aura that continuously surrounds the duo is specific to the sound that they commit to. Just a month after the smash hit, “Get Lucky”, Daft Punk proved that the funk is forever timeless, going against pop music, and opening the gates for other acts to follow, such as Pharrell on his second studio album, GIRL and The Weeknd on the Daft Punk assisted singles, "Starboy, and “I Feel It Coming” off of the blockbuster album, STARBOY in 2016.
Bursting the bubble of the EDM trend that dominated the early years of the decade, the sophistication of Daft Punk relies on their ability to curate an stylistic creative direction to every specific detail, from the production to the instrumentation, everything is in the finest class. In the early years of the 2010s, mainstream music was dominated by pop-edm, the sound that took full control. The soundscape of the time was invaded by the likes of David Guetta, LMFAO, female pop stars such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, as well as a variety of one era wonders that dabbled into the euro-pop realm, it was a vast overproduction of hits with little to no substance. 

A near perfect album, Random Access Memories is a flawless sounding album, shifting the soundscape, and brining life back into a dying state of mainstream music. Album opener, “Give Life Back To Music” is a sentiment to a love of the funk, “Giorgio by Moroder” is the greatest life story ever told by the Father of Disco himself, Giorgio Moroder, which set the tone for the embellishment of the instrumentation on the project. Highlights, "Instant Crush” and “Lose Yourself To Dance“ are some groovy delights, setting the tone to reassure listeners that you can’t escape the funk. Clean, balanced, and dynamic, Daft Punk managed to create various atmospheres, while delivering with the pleasant surprise that they pretty much nail exactly what they aimed for. As necessary as it was seven years ago, Random Access Memories, redefined the soundscape of mainstream music for the latter half of the decade

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