The Impact of Robin Williams: Rap Songs The Reference The Actor

Robin Williams has transcended public appreciation and has solidified a status of becoming a cultural phenomenon. With roles that have stood the test of time which include films such as Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams had defined an entire generation.

As an uplifting spirit, Williams portrayed a hopeful sensibility of a bright array of sunshine that traveled with his every move. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an actuality, as the beloved actor took his life away nearly six years ago.

The sudden turn of events made the world pause in an instant. Questioning his fate and decision to turn to suicide, the death of Robin Williams remains in the back of the minds of so many.

But still, Robin Williams transcended the perception of a faux-Hollywood personality and lived life to his own satisfaction. A career unlike no other, Williams has walked away countless of achievements which include an Academy Award, and five, yes five, Grammys wins.

To celebrate the life and times of Robin Williams, CTRL revisits the cultural impact of the actor with lyrics that references him and his famous films:

Artist: Denzel Curry

Song: “Envy Me”

Lyrics: “In the hood jits robbin', like Williams, let's hope that they'll never doubt fire”


Artist: Mac Miller

Song: “I Come In Peace”

Lyrics: “Tell 'em they can get a job, just to open up your mouth wide. You Mrs. Doubtfire, fake ass b*tch (biotch)”


Artist: Rick Ross

Song: “3 Kings”

Lyrics: “Screamin’ “carpe diem!” until I’m a dead poet. Robin Williams shit, I deserve a Golden Globe, b*tch”


Artist: Childish Gambino

Song: “The Stand”

Lyrics: “If there's a mystery going on

Be in it like Robin Williams chilled in Good Morning, Vietnam”


Artist: Earthgang

Song: “Thursday”

Lyrics: “Okay, shout out to my nig' Robin Williams

Out there mobbin’, I wish I was robbin’ with ya”


Artist: Ghostface Killah

Song: “White Linen Affair”

Lyrics: “It was amazing, I seen Robin Thicke and Robin Leech

Robin Givens, Robin Williams and Meryl Streep”


Artist: JID

Song: “Champagne Music”

Lyrics: “Baby I'm the best, from Atlanta to Jumanji

Ask Robin Williams, your uncle or your auntie”

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