The Life of Pablo, 3 years later

Deconstructing the life of Kanye West is orchestrated on a gospel-like journey in which Kanye bares his soul. The Life of Pablo is an autobiographical tale of an artist who established himself with his first three albums, and then escaped the artist he created and embraced the egotistical celebrity that was reborn
Digging deep down into Kanye’s soul, the album is a narrative in which he critiques himself, questions his decisions, and acknowledges everything he’s done up until this point with no regrets. Unlike any other release in modern time, the album was constructed to be deconstructed, as Kanye continuously pulls tricks out of sleeves and spills his strengths to reengineer musical styles that embodies his artistic vision. Instead of releasing another great body of work, Kanye rivaled everything nobody expected, with cringeworthy lyrics, stumbling flows, and one to many fillers. While it isn’t Kanye’s best, in competition for his worst, even though it lacks cohesiveness, and fits in with the sound rather than being ahead of the time, it seems as if the album was something Kanye needed to make, even if it wasn’t executed perfectly. Even though it lacks structure (the beauty of it all), it seems as if the album was an ode to his career, in which it embodies the transitional phases of his artistry from the old Kanye to the new Kanye, and everything else in between
As he compares himself to mount-rush more type of figures of the arts, Kanye exemplifies why his seat at that table is deserved, as his vision is on display on a record that is a constant changing creative art expression, on the first living breathing album. While Kanye’s artistic choices aren’t easy to digest, ‘The Life of Pablo’, questions his artistry in which it could literally mean anything. Best tracks: Saint Pablo, Real Friends, and Ultralight Beam. (Still haven’t forgave Kanye for ruining Wolves with that unbearable second verse).

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