The Significance of Jay Z and Kanye West's "Otis" Music Video

Twisting the “rags to riches” narrative, "Otis" exemplified sophisticated ignorance in its boldest form. Embracing the clichés of hip-hop, Jay Z and Kanye West acknowledge the perceived lifestyle of the genre, celebrating newfound success in a more complicated outlook.

Jay Z and Kanye West celebrated the culture of hip-hop in a blockbuster way. Watch The Throne, the collaborative joint album by the rap icons celebrated the true American dream. Two black men overcoming the odds of the systematic perception of their race and defying it all while ultimately becoming the two wealthiest names in the business. But before earning the title of becoming billionaires, Jay and Kanye had to trace back their steps and redefine the significance of the luxuries that they were accustomed to believe were the true definition of success.

Destroying a luxurious Maybach, saluting their power in front of an American flag, all while cruising with a couple models, the video represents their reality, a symbol of wealth built upon oppression. Detaching an aura that seems braggadocios it’s the duo flipping the script on the other side. It was at that moment once the music video for “Otis” dropped that hip-hop was forced to change, for better or worse. It’s only fitting that Jay Z and Kanye West were the only two worthies of sharing the throne, as both are the only two worthies of reflecting sophisticated ignorance and empowering it. 

The song and its music video were a spectacle in which showcases the distinct skills of each artist that makes them greats at what they do. Pushing the collaboration into the forefront, The Throne’s chemistry was undeniably infectious, allowing one another to feed off the other, while providing great individual moments.

Utilizing patriotism, Jay Z and Kanye West prove there’s no independence, until you actually break down the perceive notions of the American dream.


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