Travis Scott and Kid Cudi vs. The Weeknd: Blinding Lights and The Scotts Battling For No. 1 On Billboard Hot 100

It looks like the charts will be getting interesting again. The Billboard Hot 100 has witnessed a hip-hop renaissance over the last few years. Streaming, and its services such as Spotify and Apple Music, has propelled the genre to dominate the charts in unimaginable ways. With the surge in streaming, it has allowed new superstars to breakthrough much more efficiently. Thus, giving the charts new ways to adapt to a new formula to count the number of streams into the percentage of what qualifies for the Hot 100.

One of the most notable names that has benefited with streaming is Travis Scott, who has now scored two number one hits, Sicko Mode and Highest In The Room, and now it looks like he’s ready to compete for another number one. Just a little over a week ago, Travis Scott took over the Fortnite stage for his virtual concert Astronomical. The concert had everyone watching, and with having one of the biggest platforms to premiere a new song, Travis utilized the momentum to his advantage. During his performance Travis Scott premiered his newest single which featured none other than Kid Cudi. Later on that evening, it was revealed that the song The Scotts, was in fact the debut single for the two hip-hop acts newest group of the same name. A week later, The Scotts are hoping to score a number one on the charts, but they have competition from The Weeknd.

In November of last year, The Weeknd launched his new era with two new singles, Heartless and Blinding Lights. The former immediately dominated the charts with a debut at number one, while the latter had a slow but steady race to the top in one of the most exciting charts runs in recent memory. Proving in fact that it’s a marathon and not a race. The Weeknd pulled out all the stops with performances, videos, and merch, similarly to what Travis Scott has done in the past. Spending four non-consecutive weeks at the top, ending Roddy Ricch’s The Box run while getting interrupted by Drake’s Toosie Slide debut, Abel has the chance to make it a fifth week, but he has to defeat The Scotts. In the latest predictions’ courtesy of notable chart predictors and experts, Blinding Lights is leading the charts with just under 40 points, meanwhile The Scotts will be debuting at #2.

Even though it’s an impressive debut, it would’ve been an even great accomplishment if The Scotts has the ability to debut at number one as it would’ve marked Kid Cudi’s first number one in his career. One thing’s for sure is that the song will Cudi’s first top ten hit since his debut single Day n’ Nite. Remember, numbers aren’t final yet, and The Scotts might pull an upset, but what makes this so exciting is that fans are witnessing Kid Cudi’s repeak.

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