Check Out Shia LaBeouf’s New Live Play About COVID

Shia LaBeouf and his Slauson Rec. Theater Company has just launched a live play based on COVID. The live theatrical production is centered around a COVID-19 testing site which is called 5711 Avalon.

Production takes place inside a gated parking structure in South Los Angeles. Performers are masked and dressed in head-to-toe personal protective equipment. Characters are based as staffers and/or patients waiting to get tested. LaBeouf takes part in production of the musical, which also features a segment surrounding the infamous Karen. The actress playing the “Karen” refuses to wear a mask which then leads to her saying “I need to speak to the manager”.


You can check out highlights of the play through this Twitter thread:


You can check out behind the scenes content and more here:





Kid Cudi provided the first review of the musical as he called it “fucking fire”. The play is scheduled to run through November 1.




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