Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Soundtrack

Highlighting the golden age of rock n’ roll, the soundtrack to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood brings Quentin Tarantino’s vision to life. Capturing the culture of the 1960’s, the film centers around a washed up actor, in search to revive his career, while rewriting the history of the Manson family
The key to bridge the pieces of the puzzle in both fictional and nonfictional ways is the music that captures and enhances the films experience. Much like previous Quentin Tarantino films, the soundtrack of Once Upon A Time is a time capsule of the era specific to the tale...in this case, of the 1960’s, curated specifically by Tarantino himself. As a love letter to the twisted realities of Hollywood, the soundtrack is a wild adventure that matches the action pack intensity of the film.

With a wide variety of sounds that define the golden era, the collection of tunes is a sweet escape that sends listeners straight into the limelight. The soundtrack scored a Grammy nomination for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for Visual Media.

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