Quentin Tarantino Praises The Cinema Experience of ‘Joker’

Quentin Tarantino praises the experience of seeing ‘Joker’ in cinemas. The legendary filmmaker sat down with Edgar Wright for Empire and he discussed the Joaquin Phoenix-starring 2019 film.

“It’s not suspense, it’s beyond suspense,” he continued. “They are riveted. Everybody is completely plugged in. If you saw this movie on an aeroplane, if you watch this movie streaming, if you watch this movie on DVD, you didn’t fucking see the movie.

“You got a handjob as opposed to having great sex. You got a handjob as opposed to a threesome.”

He also went on to praise the ending, talkshow scene which also stars Robert De Niro:

“Because the Joker is a fucking nut. The guy is a fucking nut. Robert De Niro’s talkshow character is not a movie villain. He seems like an asshole but he’s not any more of an asshole than David Letterman. He doesn’t deserve to die.

“Yet, while the audience in a movie theatre is watching Joker, they wanted to kill Robert De Niro. They wanted to take the gun and stick it in his eye and blow the back of his fucking head off.”

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