100 gecs' PC Music Remix Album of the Ages: ‘1000 gecs & The Tree of Clues’

When it comes to 100 gecs listeners tend to love what they hear or they completely hate it, there’s no in between. The PC music crew comprised of Dylan Brady and Laura Les are the masterminds behind the new-age music revolution. In 2019, 100 gecs released the genre-bending 1000 gecs, and now they’re back and brought some guests along. 

Committed with sticking to a specific aesthetic, 100 gecs curate an array of collaborators that fit into the realm of PC music, and the style that is appropriate for their brand. Such include the likes of Charli XCX and GFOTY, as well as Injury Reserve and Rico Nasty, and a throwback to the 2000s with Fall Out Boy. These guest appearances don’t distract from the concept, but instead brew a sense of themselves into this outrageousness of a project.

Between the originals and the remixed versions, there’s a fine line between what makes sense and what doesn’t. At one point it seems as if the duo threw a bunch of sounds into a blender and hoped the result would be any different than what the original project achieved, but instead, the outcome doesn’t stir far away from what fans have already heard. But throughout the remix album there’s moments of elements that highlight the individualistic abilities of the collaborators.

Throughout the project there’s underlining of emo screams, chaotic breakdowns, high-pitched vocals, and sick basslines. These guest appearances and their contributions don’t overshadow the original concept by 100 gecs, but instead continue to reimagine the textbook song structure.

100 gecs are playing by their own rules, and they have a crowd of artists who are right by their side for this new music revolution. For first time listeners the intentions of the duo might not be clear, but 100 gecs are one step ahead.



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