20 Years of Daft Punk's 'Discovery': Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, Skrillex, and Zedd Reflect On The Album

20 years ago today, Daft Punk released the timeless electronic dance album, ‘Discovery’. Described as the definitive dance album of the 21st-century, the album transcended expectations of the duo and reimagined the standards of the genre. 

‘Discovery’ was a triumphant moment that celebrated dance, disco, electronica, art-pop, and beyond in a way that it re-invented mainstream music as we know it. 20 years later, ‘Discovery’ has a whole new meaning after the duo decided to call it quits and officially retire. 

To celebrate 2 decades of ‘Discovery’, numerous artists such as Tame Impala’s Kevin Parka, Skrillex, Madeon, and more talk about how the album changed the course of pop music (via Billboard).

On the reviews of ‘Discovery’:

Porter Robinson: “The critical reviews of Discovery are the best shorthand reference I have to why music criticism isn't really worth getting worked up about..Let me put it like this: Every negative review of Discovery has aged about a million times worse than the album.”

Madeon: “This is not an excuse to be corny, it's just an excuse to be authentic and true to emotion.”

On going against the stereotypes of electronic music:

A-Trak: I wasn’t listening to much electronic music at the time, and I think prior to that most electronic albums were pretty closed off on themselves and the rules of their genre…My mind was blown…The album was explosive, euphoric, and full of imagination.”

Baueer: “Discovery was a great introduction because it was very approachable…It's funny to think that people were hating on them for going too pop, but for people like me, and I'm sure so many others, that was what drew me in. It was cool that I could then go discover Homework and be like, 'Okay, here's the harder s--t.'”

On bringing pop to electronic music:

Zedd: ““To me Discovery has a lot more musicality, in a traditional sense, than other albums. Not to say that I don't enjoy the other albums, but there was a lot more for me personally to latch on to in this album.” 

On the visuals of the album:

Skrillex: “I was sitting in my room with some friends when I was a teenager and the ‘One More Time’ music video came on and I fell in love with the song -- I was obsessed with it. I loved the little alien party and the animation… the whole thing just hit me really hard.”

On breaking down barriers between electronic and hip-hop:

Kevin Parker: “Daft Punk weren't always something I actively listened to because I was into rock music. They were just this weird anomaly for me, because they were part of a different world of music than I was usually a part of, but it was just so... I don't know, good. I know it sounds cheesy to say 'it transcends genres' -- but it transcends worlds, in a way. I saw this meme the other day, after they split up, and it was all these knights putting their sword on a rock, and the rock is Daft Punk, and the knights are like Band Kids, Electronic Music Fans, Rock Music Fans, Animation Fans, like everyone. Everyone appreciates Daft Punk.”

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