A Starboy Is Born: The Weeknd Premieres New Song On American Dad

When The Weeknd told you that he was a Starboy he meant it. After dominating the charts with After Hours, the singer shifts gears into television. The Canadian superstar co-starred in an episode of American Dad that highlights the lucrative starboy status. On the episode titled “A Starboy is Born”, The Weeknd gets animated as he showcases a different side of him that fans haven’t been accustomed to.

It was revealed that The Weeknd scored a writing credit on the episode alongside the show's co-writer Joel Hurwitz. But that’s not all, the extravagant episode also includes a brand-new song that premiered during the show. The Weeknd spoke to Variety about the song as he stated the following: “When you hear the song, you’ll understand that it’s specifically for the show. I always wanted to play a character that was the opposite of the public’s perception of me -- and of course make fun of myself. Once I was given the opportunity, I took complete advantage. Joel Hurwitz believed in the vision and he helped execute it beautifully”. 

Forced to challenge himself, Abel Tesfaye utilizes comedic techniques to bring his character to life as it helped inspired the song. Hopefully more new songs inspired by cartoon shows come to life as The Weeknd looks to continue to do more in the animated world. The lifestyle that has been portrayed through the exquisite songwriting in his music has been reimagined in an animated route that the superstar wants to further explore. The Weeknd also revealed to Variety that he lent his voice to Robot Chicken as well, a show which Hurwitz also co-writes along with executive producer and writer Seth Green. The Weeknd is ready to dominate the cartoon world as he said: “I told Joel I loved doing voices and wished I could have challenged myself more in that department, so he took me to the Robot Chicken studio, where Seth Green was waiting for me. I totally geeked out and he actually let me do multiple voices on an episode coming out soon. The cartoon nerd in me jumped out that day”.


Listen to the new song below: 








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