Action Bronson Is Back With The Song “Latin Grammys"

The New York rapper is back on the scene with the new single “Latin Grammys”. Action Bronson shared the song at the end of July, and well, he makes a return for the ages. 

From being a rapper to a chef to an actor, Action Bronson does it all and still manages to hold his own as a lyricist. “Latin Grammys” is a return to form, as he approaches the song with his signature pop culture references.

Bronson looks back at his life and explores the stages of coming of age. The punchy produced single finds the rapper coming to terms with his reality and accepting it along the way. Heading back to the 90’s, Action Bronson remains in his safe space and that’s where he needs to stay.

The music video for the song depicts life imitiating art, as it showcases the rapper’s weightloss journey in a hilairious way.

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