Adele Returns and Performs Her Hits On SNL



Adele made her return on last nights episode of SNL. Stepping away from the spotlight for exactly five years, the singer came back like she never left. Though at the start of the show, Adele explained that her new album is still not finished, and even though she was not the musical guest, she still provided a performance that fans were waiting for.

During a skit on last nights episode, Adele starred as herself on a parody of The Bachelor. In the skit, Adele is seen interrupting a slew of dates as she pulled out all the stops to perform her hits. First, she nailed a performance of “Someone Like You”, from her sophomore album 21. To follow up, she then performed “When We Were Young” from the 2015 album, 25.
The two noteworthy moments came when she performed her two biggest hits. She then proceeded to perform her massive hit “Hello” from 25, and then the blockbuster song “Rolling In The Deep” from 21. To close out the skit, she returned to continue her performance of “Someone Like You”.
Check out the skit and the performances above.  

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