After Hours, The Weeknd Review: The Most Intense 6 Minute Listening Experience

Raising pulses once again, The Weeknd invites listeners into the next series of events of his brain melting, psychotic, new chapter. In the need for speed, After Hours sneaks a peek into what’s to come, as it explores the dark territories of what goes on after hours. With an ever-so exciting non stop thrill, the song captures the brooding atmosphere that his new developed character hints at through the title and the cover art. Modernizing the beloved sound from his previous releases, The Weeknd is revived, proving the most exciting experiences occur once the sun sets.

Crooning over past mistakes, Abel takes full responsibility as he paints a vivid image of what it feels like to be vulnerable. Sprawling out of control, he is in search of an escape so he doesn’t end up where he is most familiar with. In 6 minutes the soundscape contributes to the such chaotic journey, highlighting the crash and burn of feeling trapped, as if it’s all just an illusion. Listeners are in the passenger side of the ride, as the song travels through various roads unraveling the layers to his escape. In just mere seconds the song kicks off with hints of something intense, as it slowly builds and builds and the drive kicks off right at the halfway point.


Intensifying the beat, After Hours blasts off into a high speed chase of infectious upbeat production that balances the heartbreaking reality of the lyrics. At that point The Weeknd reaches his breaking point, crashing overwhelmingly. Transitioning into the outro, Abel sings emotively, embracing the actuality of the cycle that is misleading. Much like the previous singles released, Abel continues to pay homage to cult-like classic films of the past. This time around, he references the symbolisms of Martin Scorsese’s own After Hours, that hints at the theme of needing to escape. But The Weeknd isn’t just referencing films of the past, with this era he’s creating his own vivid reality that’s coming to life with every song continuing the plot. 

After Hours serves as the official promotional single, and the title track, for The Weeknd's new album. Stream the song below on CTRL's curated weekly updated playlist, CTRL NOW!

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