Andre 3000 Didn't Know He Was Featured on Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

In a recent unidentified interview that has surfaced on Reddit, Andre 3000 speaks out on his verse on Frank Ocean’s “Solo” (Reprise) off of the album Blonde. During the conversation, Andre talks about how the collaboration came about, revealing information that was never told before.

Prior to 2016, Frank originally reached out to Andre two-three years before release. Instead of a formal studio collaboration, Frank sent a number of beats to Andre as he then picked the most hip-hop sounding beat to rap on. But according to Mr. 3000, he recorded a verse on a completely different track which he recorded in Austin, Texas. Years later, and Andre had no indication if rather or not he would make the final cut or if it was ever going to be released, that was until Frank finally dropped the album out of nowhere.

As time passed, Frank Ocean decided to hold a release party for his magazine Boys Don’t Cry and Andre 3000 decided to attend the event in Los Angeles, California. After the event, he didn’t realize the album actually dropped and was included in the album – as he then proceeded to listen to it as a fan. Stumbling on “Solo” (Reprise), he was surprised to hear his voice, as Frank didn’t inform him it was going to be released and the fact that he never heard it before. Andre revealed that the verse was completely different and layered it on piano.

Following the series of events, he then collaborated with James Blake on the song “Where’s The Catch” for Blake’s 2019 album Assume Form. During their studio sessions, Blake revealed to Andre that it was in fact him who was playing on piano which then surprised the rapper.

Click here to watch a clip of the interview.

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