Apple Music Launches High-Quality Lossless Audio With No Extra Cost

Apple Music vows to “change music forever”. The streaming service has just launched high-quality, lossless audio, and spatial audio through Dolby Atmos for the new Apple Music update.

The lossless audio is exclusive to Apple Music, and is subscription-only. But it’s at no added cost, so if you’re already subscribed, you’ll get lossless audio for no extra cost.

To turn on lossless audio, listeners must go to Settings > Music > Audio Quality (via The Verge).

How to turn lossless on or off

  1. Go to Settings > Music.
  2. Tap Audio Quality.
  3. Tap Lossless to turn it on or off. From here, you can choose the audio quality for streaming and downloading audio.
    • Lossless for a maximum resolution of 24-bit/48 kHz
    • Hi-Res Lossless for a maximum resolution of 24-bit/192 kHz

“Apple Music’s lossless audio starts at CD quality, which is 16 bit at 44.1 kHz, and goes up to 24 bit at 48 kHz natively on Apple devices. It tops out at 24 bit at 192 kHz. For the highest-quality “High-Resolution Lossless” experience, there’s one major catch: subscribers will need external equipment like a DAC to enjoy it” (via The Verge.

Via Apple:


    • Availability

      • Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio will be available to Apple Music subscribers at no additional cost.
      • Thousands of tracks will be available in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos at launch, with more added regularly.
      • Apple Music’s catalog of more than 75 million songs will be available in Lossless Audio.

      Full Press Release -

Apple Music previously launched animated album cover art and other exciting features earlier this year:

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