Ariana Grande Secret Tribute To Mac Miller Goes Viral

A tribute to Mac Miller is currently going viral across social media. Fans of Ariana Grande have spotted subtle references to the late rapper on the singer’s latest album release, Positions.

On the songs, “Positions” and “Just Like Magic”, the sounds of crickets can be heard as the singer references heaven. Specifically, when she sings the line “heaven sent you to me” on “Position”, the effect also appears on “Just Like Magic” as Grande says, “Take my pen and write some love letters to heaven”.

The TikTok user, Maralee Bell, brought this to the attention of fans, as it has achieved nearly 500K likes, and over 1 million views. In a follow up to the viral video, Bell also pointed out a chord progression on the album cut “Obvious”, that is similar to Mac’s “Come Back To Earth” from the 2018 album, Swimming. Check out the TikTok videos in the YouTube video above. 

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