Blinding Lights Is One Of The Weeknd's Best Songs To Date

The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ is one of the most ambitious pop songs to be released in a while. With every listen, you instantly tap into the future with subtle references to the past.
Every era Abel is pushing the genre forward, and unraveling his capabilities of being a household name, something that he was always destined to be. Throwing a curve ball with every lead single heading into every new era, Abel revived the public interest of what it means to be a superstar.
Artistically progressing from Starboy, The Weeknd is in full control guiding listeners into a cinematic escape of endless possibilities, a limitless listen with various alternative endings. Taking full inspirations from cult classic 1990’s motion pictures such as Casino and Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, “Blinding Lights” is a vivid love-letter to those times, while fresh enough to sound like nothing else on mainstream radio.
A synthwave soundscape is a natural experiment for The Weeknd, as with every era, he proves exactly why he’s one of the most versatile voices, that isn’t restricted to just one sound. What makes “Blinding Lights” so refreshing is the various storytelling possibilities that the song writes itself into, allowing listeners to reimagine themselves into the song itself, writing their own plot with the theme song already set.
As an ode to the 80’s, while being a sign of the times, and a preview of the future, “Blinding Lights” is an embodiment of who The Weeknd is as a artist. The once mysterious aura now unraveling itself for the full showcase of a natural born superstar.
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