Blonde: Frank Ocean's Stunning Coming Of Age Tale

Pretty fucking fast 4 years flew by, huh? In 2016, the truly remarkable soundtrack for the coming of age tale that is Blonde was released. Marking a departure of where Frank Ocean left off exactly four years prior with Channel Orange the release of 'Blonde' follows as a sequel of a turn of events of life fast forwarded four years later. The narrative as told through the lens of the precise storyteller who helped to modernized R&B today, follows the plot that isn't as simple as it seems.

Creating an aesthetic that is his own, the brilliance of Blonde as a conceptual journey, allows Frank Ocean to identity himself in a safe place where he is comfortable. Resurging the era of storytelling, Frank has adapted a sound that is his own, and becoming the story itself. On Blonde, Frank adapts to the critique of an artists biggest critic, himself, as he captures the essence of drifting apart of a complicated time in his life into coming of age where he is himself.

The first half of the album is an narrative of adapting to a lifestyle that is reliant on nostalgia, and the depths of growing up. With the closing half of the coming of age tale, Frank passionately shares an in depth perspective of self destruct constructed upon the aspects of youth, as he explores the conflicting issues of loneliness, failed relationships, self thoughts, and a reflection of his own life.

Blonde is an retrospect of life's challenges that leads up to developing a sense of individuality through complications of nostalgia and the lost hope of a substantial love. Eight years ago Frank Ocean ushered in a new era of storytelling with his debut album allowing the youth to celebrate life through different dimensions. Returning with Blonde, Frank continues to be a defining voice providing sincerity for a generation of lost hope.

Each of his releases have become a grand novel that arrive at a turning point in culture and society. Within these novels there is hope and endless possibilities of freedom through nightmares that seem impossible to escape. Blonde is a celebration of life in midst of all the twisted yet beautiful realities.



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