Bon Iver Release New Single “AUATC”

Bon Iver have shared a new single “AUATC” which stands for “Ate Up All Their Cake”. The song was written by Justin Vernon along with Phil Cook and co-produced by Jim-E Stack and BJ Burton. 

“AUATC” also received additional help by some pretty well established names. The song features vocals from Bruce Springsteen, Jenny Lewis, Elsa Jensen, and Jenn Wasner. 
The new single is referred to as “Episode 2” of “Bon Iver: Season Five”. Previous released single “PFLIF” (Please Don’t Live In Fear), which was premiered back in April, was the first episode of the series. 
Justin Vernon recently collaborated with Taylor Swift on the song “exile” from the surprise album folklore, which helped to score him his first top ten hit on Billboard. 

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