Borderline, Tame Impala

It looks like Tame Impala has yet another single on the horizon. Venturing off to yet another new territory, Kevin Parker is continuously testing new sounds, while relying on his inspirations to do all the talking. A theory that has been floating all over the internet, is that Kevin Parker is reviving the sounds of the previous decades, in which Innerspeak was the 70's, while Currents was the 80's, and his latest work is all about the 90's. House music's renaissance peaked in the 1990's, and there's no one more fitting to revive the sound than Tame Impala.

 The major appeal when it comes to Tame Impala, is the fact that Kevin Parker manages to ditch the standardized format (verse-chrous-verse-chorus-bridge, etc) and you can somehow, expect the unexpected. Well, ‘Borderline’, is the complete opposite. As a total ear worm on its own, the song doesn’t necessarily need the classic Impala touch, but rather serves as another groovy tune. 

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