Boy Pablo Announces Debut Album 'Wachito Rico': Shares Two New Tracks

Becoming an indie-Internet sensation, Boy Pablo has gradually captured the attention of fans overtime. The Norwegian bedroom pop star is now vying to transition from the forums of the internet and into becoming a household name. 

The first chapter into doing so begins with the newly announced debut album Wachito Rico. While it’s not set for release until October, Boy Pablo is serving up the first taste to what to expect. Remaining true to his strengths, the indie-pop star effectively highlights his individuality on the new tracks “Hey Girl” and “I Just Wanna Go Home”. 

An ode to the typical Pablo formula, “Hey Girl” is a bright life-like guitar driven number that finds the singer instantly connecting to the premise of the song. Finding his groove at ease, Pablo taps himself into an escapism straight into the sunnier days of the summer. Sticking to the signature recipe, he focuses directly on what his strengths are, and he sticks to them.

Such is also apparent on the andrea assisted “I Wanna Go Home”. Another Pablo essential sounding record, it relies on the familiar indie-rock with hints of pop strategy. The star went on to explain the premise of both tracks: “were made during a time I wrote a lot of music for a song project with a friend of mine, Judah Kubendran. I rearranged the tracks and rewrote the lyrics and melodies, and quickly realized that they were too good not to be released.

“The lyrics of ‘hey girl’ are written from the point of view of a young boy who is in love for the first time and wants to make a move on this girl. He’s nervous, shy and shaky, but dares to jump into it and talks to the girl. ‘I just wanna go home’ is about getting older and realising how much responsibility you are left with as an adult and getting lost in the confusion that comes with trying to navigate the landscape of adulthood.”

While each track is far from the unusual, both new records presents a newfound confidence. Boy Pablo is growing up right before our indie eyes and he wants you to know that. Stream both of the songs below and be sure to check out the debut album Wachito Rico out on October 23rd.



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