Boys Noize "Mvinline" and 'Strictly Bvnker EP' Review

Since the early 2000s, German DJ/producer Boys Noize has had an impressive career. Releasing music under the alias Kid Alex, the producer went on to work his magic on countless of hits that which most recently include "Babuska Boi" by A$AP Rocky and “DHL” by Frank Ocean. Keeping himself busy by joining forces with Skrillex to form Dog Blood, Boys Noize is back with some new music of his own.

Boys Noize makes an effective debut on the house music label Defected Records. The record “Mvinline” is a funk-induced single that throws it back to the glory days of disco. 

Sampling Black Ivory’s late 70’s disco single “Mainline”, the producer takes a light but drastic direction that contrast the abrasive and dark energy of the work that he is familiar with. The infectious nu-disco number is a bright fast-paced enchanting dancefloor ready anthem. Uplifting spirits with the lyrics “I’m so addicted, I just can’t get enough” – it’s a joyous blast to the past that you can’t get enough of.

The song follows the release of the Strictly Bvnker EP which was released earlier in May. Raw and cutting edge, the seven-track collection of industrial electronic tracks is an ode to the sounds of the early 2000s. Opening track “Mthrfvkr” utilizes distorted vocal techniques alongside rhythmic synths. Remaining consistent, the second track “Chøker” is a unique combination of white noise and darker notes that intensifies as the song progresses. 

Much like the new release “Mvinline”, the third track on the EP “Moonsrad” is another blast to the past. Working as a palate cleanser, the song is strategically placed front and center to bridge the balance with an upbeat number. The five minute “4Twnty2” shows Boys Noize is continuously experimenting with a broad range of the subgenres of electronic music, this time it’s midtempo – meanwhile track No. 5 “DIF^M” traces back to the sounds of the earlier songs on the EP. Finally, the sixth and final track “Arka” is an adventurous escape to a broad range of new surroundings with a slowed down tempo that completes his intentions with the release. 

Boys Noize is continuously paving a lane of his own, with a sound and style that is pristine yet rough around the edges.

Following the release of both the new EP and the new single, Boys Noize appeared with production credits on Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album Chromatica.

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